Natasha Mercedes Purcell's Home on the Web

Natasha Mercedes Purcell's Home on the Web

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World's Youngest University of Kentucky Wildcat Basketball Fan
(20 days/2 weeks, 6 days old)


"Rick! How Could You?"

Confident the Cats Will Pull it Out

Relaxing at Halftime 1

Natasha Reacts to Momma's Explanation of "Direct Elimination"

Relaxing at Halftime 2

Relaxing at Halftime 3

Relaxing at Halftime 4

Natasha Reacts to a Close Call

"All These Rules are a Bit Overwhelming, Dad"

"I Still Can't Believe Rick Didn't Guard the Inbound Pass, Mom!"
First Church Service: August 19, 2001
(15 days/2 weeks, 1 day old)


Baby eyes Rebecca Lile

Daddy and Baby

Baby Face

Mommy and Daddy with Baby

Rita Hendley and Veronica Smith with Natasha

A Smith Baby Spots Someone Even Smaller


Lori Marlar Admires Natasha Mercedes
The Many Faces of Natash Mercedes: August 18, 2001
(14 days/2 weeks old)


"Oh, My!"

"Hello Up There!"

"How Many Fingers Do You See, Mom?"

"Mom, You're Making No Sense at All."

"Oh, No. Not Another Bath."

"Doesn't Anything Exciting Ever Happen Around Here?"

"I'm Warning You, Mom, You'd Better Cease and Desist!"
Carol Comes to Visit Ali and Meet Baby
(12 days/1 week, 5 days old)


Carol Holds Baby

Carol and Allison Together for the First Time in Seven Years

Carol and Allison Admire Baby
Mommy and Daddy Get to Know Baby Better
(9 days/1 week, 2 days old)


Mommy and Baby Get Some Much-Needed Rest

Daddy Loves His Daughter 2
Daddy and Baby Get Together
(8 days/1 week, 1 day old)


Daddy is Proud of His Daughter

Daddy Loves His Daughter 1

Baby Takes a Break
Visitors: August 11, 2001
(7 days/1 week old)


Valerie Hunt holds Baby 1

Valerie Hunt holds Baby 2

Jason's Brother Brent holds Baby 1

Jason's Brother Brent holds Baby 2

Unca Bent Gets Buck on Baby

Even Brent Looks Harmless When Holding Natasha


"How Long Do I Have to Put up with This?" (Trish Milburn)

Two Smiles, One Sleepyhead (Trish Milburn)
Safe at Home: August 8, 2001
(4 days old)


Who's Happier?

Changing Table 1

Changing Table 2

Ready to Go Home: August 6, 2001
(2 days old)


First Family Photo
Getting to Know Natasha: August 5, 2001
(1 day old)


Sleeping Beauty
Natasha's Birthday: August 4, 2001

Natasha Mercedes: Only a Few Minutes Old

Grandma McKinney meets Natash for the First Time

Grandma and Grandpa Diaz Meet Natasha for the First Time

Mommy, Grandma Diaz, and Uncle Brent Attend to Baby
Ultrasound: May 25, 2001
(195 days/27 weeks, 6 days from conception)


Big and Fuzzy!

Labeled Big and Fuzzy!

Baby Refused to Look at the Camera :(

Some Things Never Change
Second Ultrasound: March 23, 2001
(132 days/18 weeks, 6 days from conception)


Our Daughter

Baby Face

Ribs (Baby on her Tummy)

Baby Toes

She Approves!

Baby Waves

Baby's Bottom
First Ultrasound: January 25, 2001 (75 days/10 weeks, 5 days from conception)

Labeled Baby 1

Labeled Baby 2

Heartbeat Baby

Mommy and Daddy 1

Mommy and Daddy 2

Is Natasha Her Momma's Daughter?

Ali on May 6, 2001 (Baby is 25 weeks old)

Ali on May 6, 2001 (Baby is 25 weeks old)

Grandma and Grandpa Diaz

Grandma and Grandpa Diaz (our wedding, March 9, 1996)

Uncle Eli Diaz (with mustache)

Grandma and Grandpa McKinney
and Uncle Brent

Grandma and Grandpa McKinney
and Uncle Brent (our wedding, March 9, 1996)

Grandma McKinney Very Pregnant with Baby's Daddy (November, 1970)

Grandpa Purcell

Grandpa Purcell, Great-Grandma (Nana) Purcell, and Ali in June, 2001

Great-Grandma (Nana) Purcell in Summer, 1997

Great-Grandma Purcell, Great-Grandpa Purcell ("Poppie" passed away Fall, 2000), Uncle Brent, Great-Uncle Ray, Cousin Tracy (with Cousing Kayla in the Oven), and Cousin Emily (1998)

Great-Grandma Purcell, Great-Grandpa Purcell ("Poppie" passed away Fall, 2000), and Uncle Brent (1998)

Aunt Ashley

Aunt Leah and Baby's Afghan (Momma made it!)

Aunt Leah and Aunt Ashley making Baby an Afghan